Psychotherapy process

Using verified methods of “healing through dialogue” accommodated to the needs of our clients, firstly we set with the client the scope of necessary help:

  • Psychological emergency (1-2 sessions)
  • Psychological intervention (5 sessions)
  • Short term therapy (20 sessions) – suitable for acute problems at workplace, recent family problems, mild anxiety/phobic symptoms like insomnia or
  • Medium term therapy (40 – 60 sessions) – suitable for relationship problems, starting with loneliness and search for relationship.
  • Long term therapy (100 and more sessions) – psychoanalysis and other long term forms of psychotherapy.

Psychoanalytic coaching

Method successfully used by managers and entrepreneurs. In general by individuals, who aspire to grow: professionally, personally. Psychoanalytical coaching is focused on those who have a problem to use their skills accordingly, because of barriers like:

  • Problems with healthy self-esteem, self-assertion
  • Shyness, timidity, social phobia
  • Problems with concentration, procrastination, organization
  • Problems with tiredness, attention, weariness
  • Insufficient control of impulses, emotions and behavior (ADHD)

The approach is focused on detailed individual needs of the subject, using distinct methods according specific targets.


Psychoanalysis is one of many forms of psychotherapy, effective especially as a treatment of long-term problems, such as depression or personality disorders.

Psychoanalysis is also more than therapy of clinical problems. Psychoanalysis is the method of deep self-understanding, including understanding of unconscious mind processes. It can be medium of targeted long term personality changes, chosen by client, which s/he gradually grows into, as psychoanalysis continues to progress.