Curriculum Vitae

Jiri Tyl, PhDr.tyl

Clinical Psychologist

Nikoly Tesly 6, Prague 6, CZ-16000 Czech Republic

Phone: +420-774 722 414


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I practice psychotherapy for 27 years (biofeedback for 18 years). I have taught psychology both in pre- and postgraduate studies. I have 13 years of experience teaching at two universities, in Czech and English. I have experience in all forms of study (lectures, seminars, practice training, research). I have taught namely disciplines of psychology: General, Clinical / Medical, Biological, Social, Psychophysiology, Psychotherapy, Psychoanalysis.

As the trainer, I have led and successfully finished 16 five–year training groups in accredited programs in psychotherapy (1990-2014).

Training in biofeedback (and QEEG): over 500 practitioners from abroad, 600 from the Czech Republic and Slovakia have graduated from training courses I have established and lead since 1997.


Current position:

Licensed private practice in Clinical Psychology (Psychotherapy, Biofeedback, Psychological Testing)

Association of Applied Psychophysiology and Biofeedback of Czech Republic: Chair. Biofeedback Institute of AAPB CZ: Supervisor, lecturer.


Employment History:

1996-2012 EEG Biofeedback Center: Supervisor, lecturer, clinician. Psychology, Neurology & Biofeedback services. Equipment sale: 700+ Czech Neurofeedback / QEEG systems sold in 35 countries since 1996.

2007-       A Way to Success School, Prague: The 1st school for gifted children in the CR. Co-founder, psychology advisor/supervisor.

2003-6     University of New York in Prague: Adjunct Professor.

2001-       Institute for Applied Psychoanalysis Prague: Lecturer, Training Psychotherapist (part time).

2001-       Deaconry of United Methodist Church (CR): Trainer / Supervisor of Psychotherapy (part time).

1999-01   Health Care Educational Institute, Ministry of Health educational and certification institution: Manager and Certification Expert in Neurofeedback Education (part time).

1998-99   Charles University, First Medical School, Institute for Human Studies in Medicine: Medical Psychology Lecturer for English language students (part time).

1997-01   Charles University, First Medical School: Manager/lecturer of postgraduate education in EEG Biofeedback.

1996-       EEG Biofeedback Institute: founder, clinical supervisor. The first therapeutic and training center in the CR. Co-author of Czech original system BRAINFEEDBACK. Practice & education in EEG BF.

1996-98   Charles University, First Medical School: Manager of grant study Efficacy of Therapy of Minimal Brain Dysfunctions with EEG Biofeedback. Head of EEG Biofeedback Clinical Research Laboratory.

1995-01   Charles University, First Medical School, Institute for Human Studies in Medicine: Manager/training therapist of postgraduate education in psychotherapy. Four 5-year (500 hours) training groups finished.

1995-98   Charles University, First Medical School: Head of grant project “Optimal model of postgraduate education in psychotherapy”. Design, Manager, Training therapist of group analysis experiential curriculum, lecturer.

1991-95   Charles University, First Medical School: Head, Dept. of Public Health and Social Medicine (finished due to leading of new grant projects). Curriculum reform design towards humanization of medicine: Project of Medical social psychology in basic curriculum from 1991. Finals in Medical Psychology examiner.

1990-00    Charles University, First Medical School, Prague, Institute for Human Studies in Medicine: Assistant Professor of Psychology. Lectures in: psychotherapy/medical psychology/sociology. Training of psychotherapy: 5-year course.

1992-94   Ministry of Health of the Czech Republic (part time): Adviser for public opinion.

1990-92   Ministry of Health of the Czech Republic (part time): cabinet level adviser to minister, member of health care reform teams. Studies on public / professionals’ opinions on health care.

1989-       License in Psychology Counseling and Assessment.

1986-90   Psychiatric Research Institute, Prague, Dept. of Family Problems: Senior Researcher / Clinician. Follow-up clinical study of mental health problems of disabled children and their families. Epidemiological study of Minimal Brain Dysfunctions incidence in Northern Bohemia where environmental pollution had a critical effect. Clinical experience: individual / group psychotherapy and diagnostic assessments at psychiatric day care center.

1986-91   Psychiatric Hospital of Middle Bohemia, Dept. of Substance Abuse Disorders (part time): Individual, family and group psychotherapy of substance abuse disorders. Design and application of highly successful, self-psychology based new model of treatment, research, and supervision. Success rate: 83% abstinence after 1-year, 75% abstinence after 2-year follow-up.

1981-86   Research Institute of Labor and Social Care: Leader of 2 studies on social / health care services.



USA:                      EEG Spectrum Clinic, Los Angeles                               Clinical Internship 1996 (2 weeks).

GREAT BRITAIN:   Wytham Hall Hospital, London                           Staff psychologist 1995 (3 months).

USA:                       California Graduate Institute of Psychology        Visiting Scholar 1992-3 (2 semesters).

USA:                       Summit Organization, Los Angeles                   Manager Training 1992-3 (2 semesters).

GERMANY:             Medical School Ulm, Dept. of Psychotherapy     Study stays 1991, 95 (2 weeks).

CANADA:                University of Calgary, Medicine / Psychology     Visiting Scholar 1993 (2 weeks).

Neurofeedback Training Courses led in: Croatia, Greece, Italy, Norway, Poland, Slovakia and USA.



Ministry of Health Grant Agency: Efficacy of Therapy of Minimal Brain Dysfunctions by EEG Biofeedback – health, political, ethical effects. Project of first implementation of Biofeedback to clinical practice in Czech Republic. 1996-8.

Open Society Fund: Optimal Model of Postgraduate Education in Psychotherapy. Comprehensive model of curriculum provided by 1st Medical School – the first implementation to standard curriculum. Grant 1995-8.

European Training Foundation PHARE: EU Union Mobility Grant Great Britain 1995. Staff updates.



Health Care Educational Institute, Prague: Quantitative EEG and Neurofeedback 1999. Lecturer Prof. Sterman, PhD. Certificate.

1st Medical School, Charles University: Graduate course in Neurophysiology and Electroencephalography 1997. Certificate.

EEG SPECTRUM, Los Angeles, USA, 1996: EEG Biofeedback Theory and Practice. Training Course (1 week), clinical internship (2 weeks). Certificate.

Wytham Hall Hospital, London, Great Britain: Staff psychologist 1995. Retraining for work in English. Certificate.

California Graduate Institute of Psychology and Psychoanalysis, Los Angeles, USA. Visiting Scholar 1992-93. Lectures, graduate studies (two semesters, A degrees), specialties: narcissistic personality disorders, transference. Training in: analytic group therapy, clinical hypnosis and assertiveness training. Certificate.

Summit Organization, Los Angeles, USA. Manager training (200 hours & supervision) 1992-93. Certified Coach.

Psychoanalytic Institute of Czech Psychoanalytic Society, Prague (member of International Psychoanalytic Association) 1982-93. Training analysis completed 1992 (1000 hours, V. Mikota MD, Direct member of the I.P.A.) Theory curriculum 1989-93. Certificate in Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy 1992.

Institute for Postgraduate Education in Medicine, Prague. Postgraduate Education in Clinical Psychology 1987-90. Thesis: Brief-term Ego-strengthening Psychotherapy in Neuroses Clinic. Clinical Psychology Certificate 1990.

Institute for Postgraduate Education in Medicine: Hypnosis and Autogenic Training course. Certificate in Clinical Hypnosis 1989.

Medical Faculty Hospital Prague, Neuroses Clinic. Training in Group Psychotherapy & Treatment Organization 1979-86. Certificate in Group Psychotherapy 1986.

Phenomenology seminars 1977-81: Specialization in Husserl and Heidegger’s philosophy. 5 years, weekly.

Charles University, Prague, Czechoslovakia, Faculty of Philosophy, Dept. of Psychology: PhDr. in Psychology 1987. Dissertation: Psychological Problems of Concept of Time.

Charles University, Prague, Czechoslovakia, Faculty of Philosophy: MA in Social Sciences 1976. Thesis Topic: Sociology of World Literature.


Since 1975. Author/co-author of 4 books, c/a 100 professional publications (articles in Czech Medical journals, research reports, incl. 6 studies in internationally reviewed journals on Medline). Regular weekly columns in top journals and newspapers.



Association for Applied Psychology and Biofeedback CZ, Chair (founder, 1997)

Society for Clinical Neurophysiology of Czech Medical Association (since 1997)

EEG Spectrum Affiliate (since 1996)

Psychotherapy Society of Czech Medical Association (since 1990)

Society for Applied Neuroscience (2004)



TV: 50 presentations of counseling, psychotherapy, EEG Biofeedback at nation-wide channels. Press: about 200 presentations in nation-wide newspapers/magazines incl. regular columns. Radio: about 30 presentations at nation-wide channels.



English (published translations to Czech: Sigmund Freud, Hannah Arendt), Czech. Passive: German, Russian, Polish, Slovak, Serb-Croatian.




Applied Psychophysiology and Biofeedback


American in Prague:

The International School of Prague

Nebusicka 700, 164 00 Prague 6, Czech Republic



  1. Barry Sterman, PhD.

Professor, School of Medicine

University of California Los Angeles




Josef Faber, MD. PhD.

Professor Emeritus, First Medical School, Charles University Prague

Prague 8, CZ-180 00


Counseling and psychotherapy:


Jancis Long, PhD.

Supervisor, D.C. Institute of Mental Health



Vaclav Mikota, MD. PhD.

Direct Member of International Psychoanalytic Association

Associate Professor, Charles University Medical School

Institute for Postgraduate Education in Medicine, Chair, Dept. of Psychotherapy

Lublanska 20, Prague 2, CZ-120 00